An Electronics Engineer (B.E.) with Distinction from University of Mumbai, Urvish is working in the Renewable Energy Arena as a Professional / Consultant with an expertise and keen focus in Solar Energy Sector viz. Rural Electrification, Off-Grid Solar Projects, Grid connected, Captive power plants etc., Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), & CDM projects in India along with market intelligence pertaining to renewable energy sector.

  • A strategic planner with expertise in planning, developing, executing and spearheading EPC projects involving Contract & Site Administration and Resource Planning. Swiftly ramping up projects in close co-ordination with contractors, consultants, architects and other external agencies, ensuring on time deliverable’s.
  • Holds the distinction of executing numerous Solar projects during the career path including EPC projects for Rural Electrification, Solar Grid Connected Projects, Off-Grid Projects etc.
  • Undertake project activities and handling the project management cycle entailing fixing Engineering consultant/architects
  • Contract Administration, Preparing technical & commercial offers/ proposals along with Tender Business/ contract.
  • Liaison with Local Authorities & Central Authorities, Railways & different govt. agencies for approvals & other statutory compliances (by Understanding the nuances of govt regulation such as Pollution control, sewage & water, power & DG regulations, occupancy regulations, fire & safety, environmental regulations etc in the overall construction activity).
  • Independently Dealing-in and Introducing energy efficient products and equipment’s in the Indian market to expand its Client base.
  • Preparation of bankable Detailed Project Reports [DPR].
  • Providing Consultation services related to Solar Energy Sector and Development of new renewable energy projects.

For Consultation / Turnkey Solutions & assistance in Renewable Energy Projects and energy efficient product’s, write him at –   info@urvishdave.com


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  1. Rachit Saraf says:

    Dear Urvish,

    I had come across your article and your profile while searching for Solar Plants in Gujarat.
    Hailing from the same state and from the city Surat, was interested in exploring this sector more. To introduce myself – the background is from finance sector having completed both my Bachelor’s and Masters in the field with the later being achieved at King’s College London.

    Recently one of my friends had suggested to explore the field of Solar energy since it would be an innovative industry in the city which is otherwise popular in Textiles, Diamonds and other small scale industries.
    The product I wanted to inquire was about the photovolatic ribbon (pv ribbon) and was interested in knowing the manufacturing plant setup in small scale manner in the city.
    Since the area of Solar is the expertise you have would like to know if you can help me in setting up this plant and getting a detailed project report including figures of minimum investments, sales, international & domestic competitive prices and growth rate. Along with that subsidies available in this category of the Solar sector.

    Hoping for a positive response.


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