Rooftop Solar in India !

New Year Greetings to everyone ! as you are going through the first post for the Year 2017 🙂 Moreover while there is continuous ‘Boom-ma-Boom’ across the utility scale solar segment in India & another very interesting solar arena is not far behind in making news – the “Rooftop solar” power segment in India !

Few days ago I came across an interesting question on ‘Quora’ i.e. “Will the need for utility scale solar energy decrease significantly as rooftop solar energy production increases?” & as a Solar Consultant in India, very often I encounter this question on different forums & platforms that “What do you think is the future of rooftop solar plants in India ?” OR “Does rooftop solar plants in India makes any economic sense?” & many more queries on rooftop solar arena across India….

Well Commenting specifically taking into consideration the Indian scenario :

India recently witnessed crossing of more than 9 GW ! of Solar capacity across the country and is about to see this figure changing into multiplication of many times from current capacity on year to year basis. This is mix of both the utility scale and the rooftop / distributed solar generations combining both grid and off-grid.

Though utility scale solar power plant contribution in total solar mix is more and is bound to remain more in future also because it makes a sensible business sense & revenue model, still the real strength of solar lies in the distributed solar energy generations or the rooftop solar power plants.

state wise and year wise target of rooftop solar projects in India

state wise and year wise target of rooftop solar projects in India

The real beauty & advantages of solar lies in distributed market i.e. individuals opting for rooftop solar installations as energy is consumed at the same point where it is generated and no additional requirements of land coupling with benefits of no transmission & distribution losses benefiting both generators and utilities.

Distributed / rooftop solar generation is “For the people” and more importantly “By the people” and not unlike utility scale solar which would be setup only by the big business houses to make an ROI sense and beautify balance sheets. Moreover it would also benefit a vast majority of more then 30%+ of Indian population deprived of even the electricity grid.

Does Rooftop Solar makes any Financial Sense ? 🤔 😉

Hmm… So On Viability :

  • If you are paying more than Rs. 6 per Unit on your utility bill currently then what are you waiting for – Just go for solar rooftop power plant for your roof ! It definitely
    Rooftop Solar makes Financial Sense 🤔 ;) !

    Rooftop Solar makes Financial Sense !

    makes sense compared to any investment tool you come across !

  • On Subsidy :
    • Don’t depend on the subsidy to establish the viability of your solar system. Yes it helps a bit but your focus should be more on electricity savings, annual rise of your utility bills, regular power cuts & generating clean energy ! Very sooner the subsidies are going to stop as it happened in the solar water heaters arena.
  • For commercial & Industrial users : Already getting a solar system on your roof is very much viable even now and the benefits of accelerated depreciation (even though reduced to 40% now) still establishes much more viability of the same. All you big shots out there, you guys know very well what I mean 😉
You know it has crossed your head a few times & why wouldn't it ?1? Going Solar makes good financial sense !!

You know it has crossed your head a few times & why wouldn’t it ?!? Going Solar undoubtedly makes good financial sense !! 🙂

Moreover electricity is now the basic elementary need for people and so as Mahatma Gandhi believed “That the all the means of production of the elementary necessaries of life should remain in the control of the masses” – Electricity is one of them and should be in peoples control 🤔 !!

Hence my personal favorite is rooftop solar arena but as long as & till the masses are made aware and they adopt rooftop / distributed means of production for their electricity needs – the need for utility scale solar energy will not decrease significantly as distributed energy production increases?

At the same time even though the government is positively pushing the development of rooftop solar segment across India, still we are hugely missing the targets set by the them.

Solar Rooftop Targets across India - Approved Vs Commissioned

Solar Rooftop Targets across India – Approved Vs Commissioned

 Challenges faced in Rooftop Solar arena across India :

Well the biggest challenge is mainly in terms of lack of awareness among consumers along with…

  • Lack of consistent policy support from the states – Almost all the solar companies operating in rooftop segment have faced this & knows this better 🙂
  • Currently with over 20+ states have some or other form of solar net-metering policy,  yet very few states have demonstrated implementing hurdle fee net-metering rooftop solar systems.
  • Many states which are extremely suitable for implementing solar net-metering schemes are not approving or supporting solar rooftop deployment under the Opex / RESCO / BOO / BOOT model.
  • While government (both central & state) are announcing ambitious policies & targets for rooftop solar, yet very little attention is given to successfully implementing & enforcing the targets.

Well despite all odds the rooftop solar sector is showing signs of growth though not as projected & if some of these hurdles prevails in coming times then India will undoubtedly fail to meet the rooftop solar targets of approximately 40 GW by 2022..Lets see !

But as of now looking at the present Indian scenario & at the end of the day what we should think of is that Solar is contributing in the overall energy mix be it utility scale or distributed !

confused“Utility Scale Solar” OR “Rooftop / Distributed Solar” in India”!!?? well, we need both of them presently & what we should understand is –

“Chaman mein italaa-te rangaboo se baat banti hai,

Hum hi hum hai toh kya hum hai, tum hi tum ho toh kya tum ho”

What do you guys think 🤔 !? do post your views & opinion on the same….

And in case you are thinking of going green and powering your premises via solar, as a solar consultant in India we can always help you 🙂

Till we meet next time …

Cheers !


Solar Project Consultant – India

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