Process for Setting Up Rooftop Solar Plant in Gujarat under Net-Metering !

India recently witnessed crossing of more than 8000 MW of Solar capacity across the country and is about to see this figure changing into multiplication of many times from current capacity on year to year basis.

Total Installed Power Capacity across India_2016

Total Installed Power Capacity across India_2016

Total Installed Renewable Capacity across India_2016

Total Installed Renewable Capacity across India_2016







One thing that is rapidly evolving at an ultimate pace is the upcoming rooftop solar projects sector across India and particularly across Gujarat. In our previous article on Rooftop Solar Projects in Gujarat we mentioned that the solar state of India – Gujarat announced the rooftop solar subsidy at the time when other states are closing their doors to any kind of state financial assistance for opting solar. Now many states are under process of finalization of similar kind of state financial assistance to rooftop solar projects taking reference of rooftop solar policy of Gujarat.

As of people looking forward to installing rooftop solar plants on their premises, below is the process to set up rooftop solar plant in Gujarat under Net-Metering :

Process To Set-up Solar Rooftop Plant in Gujarat :

Rooftop Solar Plant Process in Gujarat

Rooftop Solar Plant Process in Gujarat

                        DESCRIPTION AUTHORITY   DURATION

Registration of Rooftop Plant (form)

The Registration Form can be obtained from GEDA


Customer/ Installer, GEDA (Submitted at xth day)

5 days from receipt of duly completed application form (x+5 days)

Approval from the Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI)

The  approved SLD, earthing diagrams and details of modules and inverters


10 days from receipt of duly completed application form (x+15 days)

Application form for connectivity  DGVCL / PGVCL / Torrent.

To be submitted to the respective DISCOM’s.

Following documents are to be submitted:

a. Capacity of Rooftop plant

b. Copy of registration at GEDA

c. Documents related to legal possession of rooftop / NOC of co-owner, in case of joint ownership

d. Approval of CEI

DISCOM (Submitted at yth day)
Technical Feasibility Report (TFR)

TFR on field will be confirmed by the DISCOM


DISCOM 15 days from receipt of duly completed application form (y+15 days)
In principle consent

The Discom will provide in principle consent for connectivity,  estimated connectivity charges which are to be paid within 15 days, issuing estimate for system strengthening (if required) to be paid within 30 days

DISCOM 5 days from receipt of TFR from the field office (y+20 days)
Signing of connectivity agreement (form)

Should be done within 15 days (30 days, if system strengthening is required)

Customer 15 days (y+35 days)
Issuance of letter to applicant for completion of project work DISCOM 5 days from execution of agreement (y+40 days)
System strengthening by DISCOM (if required) DISCOM 45 days parallel to project installation
Construction of plant

The duration to construct the rooftop solar power plant is 6 months which should be followed by commissioning of the plant within 2 months. Otherwise the registration would stand cancelled.

Customer / Installer 6 months for construction (y+160 days), 2 months for commissioning (y+220 days)
Intimation by customer (document) (page 6)

On completion of work, Intimation to field office, GEDA with the details mentioned in the document

Customer/ DISCOM As mentioned in the document for various activities (y+242 days)
Issuance of commissioning certificate

GEDA officials shall visit the site along with the Discom to inspect the plant after which the commissioning certificate would be issued

GEDA 5 days from the receipt of intimation letter from applicant (y+247 days)
Disbursement of subsidy by GEDA (order)

Subsidy of 10,000 INR/kW and max. of 20,000 INR/kW to grid connected private consumer after commissioning of plant

GEDA After commissioning of the plant
Disbursement of subsidy by MNRE (order(page 14)

30% of benchmark tariff determined by MNRE is given as Central Financial assistance


As per the order

Overall the process seems lengthy but its very well defined,  lot more organized and with straightforward framework. And mostly all the approval & regulatory portions will be taken care by the Solar Installer’s so making the process even more simpler for customers.

And in case you are thinking of going green and powering your home /factory via solar, as a solar consultant in India we can always help you 🙂

Meanwhile till we meet next time …  Enjoy this Dandya & Garba season to the fullest  – Wishing all the readers a very Happy Navratri   😀

Cheers !


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  1. what is tariff rate for surplus energy in residential rooftop in gujarat? is it variant with DISCOMs?

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