Gujarat announces Subsidy for Residential Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Systems !

In a positive move to encourage rooftop solar installations in Gujarat for residential consumers, Gujarat has announced the subsidy for solar installations on rooftop across the state.

The real beauty & advantages of solar lies in distributed market i.e. individuals opting for rooftop solar installations as energy is consumed at the same point where it is generated and no additional requirements of land coupling with benefits of no transmission & distribution losses benefiting both generators and utilities.

Highlights of Subsidy for Rooftop Solar Plants in Gujarat :

Rooftop Solar makes Financial Sense !

Rooftop Solar makes Financial Sense !

  • Subsidy of Rs. 10,000/- per KW will be disbursed through GEDA after installation of rooftop solar systems by private residential consumers with a maximum limit of Rs. 20,000/- per customer i.e. upto 2 kW Solar rooftop systems.
  • Subsidy would be limited upto 2 kW solar rooftop systems subject to ceiling of 50% of contract load as per latest Gujarat solar power policy 2015 – Details Here
  • The first 1,00,000 consumers will get the benefit of the rooftop solar subsidy – So HURRY UP !
  • This state subsidy benefit would be additional along with the subsidy / CFA from central government which is upto 30% of the benchmark cost for general category states.
    • Let’s assume the cost of 1 kW of Rooftop solar system is Rs. 70,000/-
      • Less CFA as per central government benefit upto 30% i.e. Rs. 20,000/- 
      • Less Gujarat state solar subsidy i.e. Rs. 10,000/- per kW
      • This brings the total cost of rooftop solar in Gujarat at just Rs. 40,000/kW !!

This makes the overall rooftop solar scenario very lucrative & beneficial for residential consumers in Gujarat going solar.

Kudos to Gujarat for announcing the rooftop solar subsidy at the time when other states are closing their doors to any kind of state financial assistance for opting solar. This surely is gonna help at least 1,00,000 consumers in the state to go Solar !

For the official link of subsidy notification –  Click Here

For Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015 – Click Here

More information on – Rooftop Solar Projects, Policies & Incentives Arena in India !

In case you are thinking of going green and powering your home via solar, as a solar consultant in India we can always help you 🙂

Till we meet next time … enjoy the heat waves !

Cheers !


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4 Responses to Gujarat announces Subsidy for Residential Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Systems !

  1. Neelendu says:

    Thanks For Updating

    Thanks Neelendu

    N A C H I K E T A N E C A ” Future within Nature ”


  2. Chiragkumar Jadav says:

    Nice article… I want to install this at my home. Please give vendor list from whom I can buy this.
    Chiragkumar Jadav

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  4. Vikram says:

    Hi please we want to solar system please contact

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