Its ‘NaMo ! NaMo’ for people but its “Solar ! & Solar India !” for NaMo !

With the people chanting ‘NaMo ! NaMo’ as our Prime Minister promises ‘ache din aane wale hai’ ! our respected PM himself is all putting major thrust on India going solar by promoting India’s solar initiative on each and every international platform and in his every international visits. He seems surely committed to bring “ache din in solar industry across India” !

Prime Minister Modi Solar India Initiative

Recently India announced INDC’s (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)- 33-35% emissions intensity reduction by 2030 and 40% electricity through non-fossil fuel climate targets.

According to the 2011 census, one in three houses in India has no electricity and many villages and towns don’t get an uninterrupted electricity supply. Our PM during his recent UK visit said he is looking to solar, wind and renewable energy to supply a lot of this power & said “We will make India a solar-powered nation”.

The Prime Minister also put forth the idea of a “solar alliance” (Working Paper on International Solar Alliance (ISA)) he is trying to cobble together — a collection of more than 102 countries that receive ample sunlight and can harness it to build greener economies & he proposed the solar alliance as “suryaputra,” or “sons of the sun.

Still India is looking for a industry friendly solar policy from the government. Despite all the troubles surrounding across solar policies, regulatory affairs, bureaucracy (Yes very much), project implementing, PPA conversion issues, India is going to witness a record breaking solar installation both in utility solar projects and rooftop solar projects.

To just talk of the solar rooftop market across India, despite very unfriendly policies & implementation hurdles, in the last one year itself, Nov 2014 – Oct 2015, India added 240 MW of rooftop solar capacity against 145 MW in the previous period – A 66% growth !

As far as upcoming & open utility scale solar projects are concerned, there are  :

-> Currently Open Solar Tenders across India    – Approx. 3200 MW
-> Solar Projects Currently Under Construction – Approx. 2800 MW

Mercom Capital Group, forecasts 2,150 MW in solar capacity for 2015 and expects installations in 2016 to reach 3,645 MW ! (read here) & indicates that 21 states have so far agreed to set up a total of 27 solar parks with a combined capacity of 18,418 MW.

The Year-to-date solar installations in India stand at  approx. 1,652 MW, with cumulative solar installations in the country totaling approx. 4,816 MW !

However, at the same time – viable Feed-in-Tariffs, Cost of Financing & financial closure, off-taker issues, compliance of RPO, delayed financing, land clearances issues due to government process delay, provision for setting up of solar projects in the range of 1-10 MW etc…are some of the prominent issues which needs to be addressed with clarity.

In short, although this is going to be a good year for solar across India but after all the super ambitious announcements by India, now its time to implement the same on ground. The entire world is looking & very optimistic at India’s solar potential & targets, now is the right time for India to take the lead in solar & renewable arena as a whole !

For all solar project developers and interested investors willing to set up their solar projects in India, don’t forget that as a solar project consultant in India we may help you with the development of your proposed solar project from the concept till the commissioning !

Meanwhile till we meet next time with more updates…lets hope that for Solar “Ache Din Aane Wale Hai !” 🙂



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