The Solar Capital of India ‘Gujarat’ Releases its New Solar Policy – “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015” !

Finally good news for all the readers and investors willing to set up their solar power plant in Gujarat is that the state of Gujarat after much anticipation of the solar policy has finally released its new solar policy henceforth to be known as – “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015” ! which will remain in operation till March 31,2020.

In our past blog we had hinted that a new solar policy is anticipated and may soon be announced in Gujarat.

Overview & Highlights of new “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015” :

Capacity : The minimum size of MW scale project shall be 1 MW & for kW scale project – 1 kW

Eligible Entity : Any Company / Body Corporate or association or body of individuals

Allotment of projects on competitive bidding from time to time.

Rooftop Solar PV Systems with Net Metering in Gujarat

Capacity for residential & govt. buildings : Upto 50 % of consumers sanctioned load

Tariff : In case of net export : Surplus energy exported at the end of billing cycle shall be purchased by concerned DISCOM at APPC of the year in which solar rooftop plant is commissioned.

For Industrial, Commercial & other consumers  :

Rooftop Solar PV Systems Net Metering for Industrial & Commercials in Gujarat

Rooftop Solar PV Systems Net Metering for Industrial & Commercials in Gujarat

Moreover the solar projects under the new Gujarat solar policy are classified as :

  • Solar Projects for residential and government consumers under Net Metering
  • For Industrial and commercial consumers under Net Metering
  • Solar projects for Captive Consumptions
  • Solar Projects with sale of power to DISCOMs at competitive bidding from time to time
  • Solar Projects under REC with sale of power to DISCOMs at APPC
  • Solar Projects with sale of power under NSM
  • Solar Projects with sale of power to Third Party under open access

Each of the above category has different provisions of incentives in terms of capacity, electricity duty, cross subsidy surcharge & additional charge, RPO obligations, CDM benefits etc.

Also please note here that this is the new solar policy in Gujarat and so in case the obligated entities / DISCOMs in Gujarat are willing to buy the power from solar power projects – whenever it may be is dependent on their renewable purchase obligation (RPO) fulfillment !

Below is the Renewable purchase obligation for Gujarat for 2013 – 2017 which applies to :

  • Distribution Licensees, and
  • Any other Captive and Open-Access Users consuming electricity (i) generated from conventional Captive Generating Plant having capacity of 5 MW and above for his own use and/ or (ii) procured from conventional generation through open access and third-party sale.
Renewable Purchase Obligation for Gujarat 2013 - 2017

Renewable Purchase Obligation for Gujarat 2013 – 2017

Tariffs for Solar Projects in Gujarat

Below are the Levelized tariff for megawatt-scale and kilowatt-scale photovoltaic systems that would commissioned between July 1, 2015 and March 31, 2018 in Gujarat :

Gujarat Tariff Order for Solar Plant

Levelized Tariff for Solar Power Plant in Gujarat 

One thing is for sure that the solar boom in India started from Gujarat under its Gujarat solar policy for Phase I and Phase II and now with the announcement of the new solar policy in Gujarat, the state is surely gonna create a new wave in the solar arena of India with upcoming deployment of new solar power projects & plants in Gujarat.

For all solar project developers and interested investors willing to set up their solar projects in Gujarat, don’t forget that as a solar project consultant in Gujarat we may help you with the development of your proposed solar project from the concept till the commissioning  🙂

Meanwhile till we meet next time with more updates…

Cheers !


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Urvish Dave is working as a Project Consultant in the Renewable Energy Arena with an expertise and keen focus on Solar Energy Sector viz. Rural Electrification, Off-Grid Solar Projects, Grid connected, Captive power plants, Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) Mechanism etc. for various Renewable Projects in India along with market intelligence pertaining to renewable energy sector. He holds the distinction of executing numerous Solar projects during the career path including EPC projects for Rural Electrification, Solar Grid Connected Projects, Off-Grid Projects etc. For Consultation and Turnkey Solutions in Renewable Energy Projects and energy efficient product's, visit or write him at
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  12. S.K.BHALLA says:

    Dear Urishbhai ,
    We have gone thru the details provided in your mail.Thanks for the up to date information
    We are eagerly waiting for your return to Ahmedabad in October 2015.
    We may need your consultancy /advise for solar product marketing in Gujarat

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