Upcoming Solar Policies & Projects anticipated in Gujarat, Haryana & Maharashtra…India flooded with solar projects in 2015 !

After a long delay and wait for new solar policy announcements and allotment of new solar projects, it seems that solar is finally getting all required attention from relevant government bodies, lenders & developers.

By changing the solar specific Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) target for 2022 from 3% to 10.5% of all power consumption in the country – yet to be ratified under the Electricity Act 2003 – India plans to increase its solar capacity from 20 GW by 2020 to 100 GW by 2021.

New & Upcoming Solar Projects Announcements in India during 2015 !

In last one month itself solar projects of approximately 2000+ MWs were announced by various state and central bodies. Few of the newly announced tender for procurement on power from solar projects are :

  • NTPC tender for selection of Solar PV Power Projects to be setup in Gani-Sakunala Solar Park Phase II, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh under NSM Phase-II, Batch-II, Tranche-I for total capacity 500 MW.
    • 350MW x 1 project under Open Category &
    • 50MW x 3 Projects under DCR category
  • NTPC tender for Selection of Solar Power Developers for Setting up Solar PV Power Projects at Bhadla Phase II Solar Park in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan under National Solar Mission (NSM) Phase-II, Batch-II, Tranche-I for capacity 420 MW.
    • 70MW x 06 Projects under Open Category
  • NTPC announces tenders for EPC of 510 MW solar capacity – 260 MW in Rajasthan and 250 MW in Madhya Pradesh
  • Haryana announces tender for 150MW solar power projects through tariff based competitive bidding process.
    • The developers will have to bid for minimum 1 MW and the maximum tariff the developers can bid for is Rs. 6.44 per kWh !!!!

Looking at the pace of announcements of all the above solar tenders and new announcements day by day, its getting difficult to even track them 😉

Government is considering to bring long term policies and scheme for installing solar power plants with 1 lakh MW capacity in the country. It has announced revision of the target of renewable energy capacity of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to 1,75,000 MW by 2022. The revised target of 1,75,000 MW comprises of capacity addition of 1,00,000 MW Solar, 60,000 MW Wind, 10,000 MW Biomass and 5,000 MW Small Hydro Power.

The Ministry has launched following new schemes in this regard:

  • 1000 MW by Central PSUs and Government of India Organization.
  • 300 MW by Establishments of Defence and Para Military Forces
  •  25 Solar Parks af aggregate capacity 20,000 MW
  • 100 MW Pilot-cum-Demonstration Project for Development of Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plants on Canal Banks (50 MW) and Canal Tops (50 MW)
  • 1 lakh Solar Pumps
  • 10 MW Pilot Projects for Solarization of Indo-Pak Border.

The target of 100 GW by 2022 is under preparation which broadly consists of 40 GW Grid Connected Rooftop Projects and 60 GW Large and Medium Size Land based Solar Power Projects.

Further, as per Mercom Capital projections, India will see an installations of solar projects to the tune of 2000+ MW during 2015 ! which if happens would be more than double of what India has achieved any single year since beginning of solar era in India i.e. 2009.

Projected Solar Installation in India for 2015

Projected Solar Installation in India for 2015


New Solar Policy Announcements Anticipated in Gujarat !

Some good news for solar project developers interested to set up their projects in Gujarat. As per various sources the state of Gujarat which has been a leader in the solar arena of the country is anticipated to come up with its new solar policy shortly.

The anticipations are high that Gujarat may come up with its new solar policy for utility scale solar power projects and also may be for roof-top solar projects too. Lets see !

Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015

Meanwhile the state of Maharashtra is also anticipated to revise its renewable energy targets & policy in near future.

If India has to achieve 100 GW solar by 2020-22, then surely these types of aggressive solar projects announcements are need of hour. Looking at the new policy changes and announcements in solar arena, it is clearly evident that the current government is actively pushing the deployment of solar energy through various sectors.

However, viable Feed-in-Tariffs, Cost of Financing, off-taker issues, compliance of RPO, provision for setting up of solar projects in the range of 1-5 MW etc…are some of the prominent issues which needs to be addressed with clarity.

Meanwhile till we meet next time with more updates…

Cheers !



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