CERC finalizes Solar Tariffs for 2015 -16 & Telangana announces upcoming solar projects of 2000 MW !

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) have finalized the new solar tariff for the year 2015 -2016 through its new order. The tariff for solar for the period of                 FY 2015-2016 would be :

               Solar PV – Levelised Tariff for FY 2015-16         :  Rs. 7.04 / kWh

                                      Benefit of Accelerated Depreciation :  Rs 0.69 / kWh

                                      Net Levelised Tariff  for FY 2015-16 :  Rs. 6.35 / kWh

Telangana RfS for 2000 MW of Solar PV projects :

Also the state of Telangana have announced the allotment of new solar projects to the tune of 2000 MW for which the last date of bid submission would be 15 May 2015.

Overview of upcoming 2000 MW solar project Rfs in Telangana :

  • Minimum solar project capacity for which a developer can bid : 2 MW
  • Projects will be allocated through a reverse bidding process.
  • Projects to be categorized into two categories :

Category 1 : Bidders injecting into a 33/11 kV distribution Interconnection Substation :  Rs 6.4500/kWh –  i.e. for projects below 8 MW for which the capacity allotment would be around 500 MW

Category 2 : Bidders injecting into a 132/33 kV or 220/132 kV or 400/220 kV Interconnection substation : Rs 6.3200/kWh i.e. for solar projects above 8 MW.

  • Selection of solar projects will be carried out in accordance with the timeline as below :
Timeline for Telangana solar projects 2000 MW

Timeline for Telangana solar projects 2000 MW


The official documents for the same viz. Rfs & PPA available at Click Here

Telangana is surely going to see lots of interest of the solar developers mainly because the solar projects will be allotted after a very long time across the country & the state is also considering allotment of projects at a minimum capacity of 2 MW which actually is a good sign for the small developers willing to foray in to solar arena.

Meanwhile till we meet next time with more updates on new solar energy policies & upcoming renewable projects in India…

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