Gujarat Solar Power Plants participating under CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) along with their Technology overview (PV Modules & Inverters) Details !

Solar PV projects are growing nationwide due to its nature of converting solar energy directly into electricity. It is also a good option where grid electricity is economically unviable. Although the current cost associated with solar PV projects are high in India but project developers are still interested in solar PV technologies by considering the future expansion in the industry.

Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015

In addition to the state Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT’s) that are available for solar projects in India, the project developers can also participate in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and can earn Carbon Credits for their Solar PV projects & subsequently can generate more revenues from the power generated by their solar power plants in addition to the fixed FIT’s under Gujarat Solar Policy Phase I / Phase II. Although the additional revenues generated under the CDM is not noticeably higher in terms of money power but still its significance is much higher socio-economically in contributing towards the reduction of deadly Green House Gases (GHG) viz.: Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Methane(CH4), Nitrous Oxide(N2O), Hydrofluorocarbon(HFCs), Perfluorocarbon(PFCs), Sulphur hexafluoride(SF6)…. emissions that would have otherwise occurred due to the fossil fuel based power generation & subsequently combat the Climate Change !!


Steady Growth in Global Carbon Dioxide Level !

A Brief on  Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)  !

As one of the key components of the “Kyoto Protocol”, the stated purpose of the Clean Development Mechanism is to help developing (non-Annex 1) countries achieve sustainable development, and assist industrialized (Annex I) countries in complying with their emission reduction commitments.

The energy generation from the solar projects is clean & environmental friendly and hence help in reducing GHG emissions that would have otherwise occurred due to the fossil fuel based power generation. When Solar PV power plants starts injecting electricity in the grid, it can help displace equal amount of electricity that would have otherwise been generated from the GHG intensive grid in India that too mostly from Coal based power plants. Therefore such projects are eligible to earn carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).


The CDM Process

In other words private companies fund projects in developing countries that help reduce anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG). Later on upon verification of the projects, the CDM awards these projects certified emission reductions (CERs), each equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide. These CERs can then be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to a meet a part of their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol. As an example for a 5 MWp solar project set up in Gujarat the Estimated amount of annual average GHG emission reductions from the same can be approximately around 7,000 – 7500 tCO2/yr depending on technology, climatic conditions & energy generation etc.

Below mentioned is the list of all the solar projects in Gujarat participating/willing to participate under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) process along with the overview of their technology details viz. PV Modules / panels & Inverter technology details for the Gujarat Solar Projects participating under the  CDM….including the projects from Gujarat / Charanka Solar Park of which the project details were mentioned in one of our previous blog Technology Overview (PV Modules & Inverter details) of Gujarat Solar Park Projects !

Overview of Gujarat Solar Projects participating under CDM Mechanism

Overview of Gujarat Solar Projects participating under CDM Mechanism

Note : All the above mentioned projects might not necessarily have been registered under CDM, some of the above mentioned projects might be either registered under CDM or might be under the process of submitting/submitted respective SPP PDD’s.

Meanwhile it’s still a wait and watch dilemma for all stakeholders eagerly expecting the anticipated Gujarat Solar Policy Phase III & even the updates on the Solar REC Projects in Gujarat / Gujarat solar REC Policy, it’s definitely in the process pipeline along with some canal top solar projects & roof top solar projects in Gujarat !

Also soon there would be an final announcement of approximately 750 MW new solar projects from Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) under the JNNSM Phase II solar policy, with possibility of domestic content requirement (DCR) to be applicable on close to 250 MW solar projects out of 750  MW likely to be announced !

For time being enjoy the season of  mangoes along with summer severity, thinking to combat climate change….do a bit…adopt renewables wherever possible…because in the end its not only about economics and savings…much much more than that !

Till then….Cheers….


Solar Project Consultant


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