Of all the inquires that I process as a Solar Consultant and of all the interaction I have had with the current and future project developers & stakeholders of the upcoming solar power plant projects in India and apart from the Solar Project Finance issues in India that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs – One of the most common, tedious and often the biggest problems they faced or have to combat while one is planning to set up the solar plant are Land, suitable infrastructure & grid interconnection issues for solar power projects.


View of Charanka Solar Park with Wind Mills at the back – Gujarat

While Gujarat has been India’s most successful state till date in implementing solar policy (Phase I & Phase II) and India’s leading state in terms of total installed capacity of solar power plants, Gujarat has also been wonderfully able to tackle the issues of suitable land development, Grid Infrastructure facility & power transmission facilities and more by successfully developing Asia’s Largest Solar Park known as ‘Charanka Solar Park’ !


Panoramic View of Gujarat Solar Park

Panoramic View of Gujarat Solar Park

It’s nearly the first anniversary of Gujarat Charanka Solar Park housing about 216 MW+ Solar Power plants and is supposed to be Asia’s largest solar park even larger than China’s 200 MW Golmud Solar Park, and the single largest segment of a 600 MW, nearly 3,000 acre+ solar power field with wonderful infrastructure facilities available such as Roads, Water Pipeline, Water Treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant, Helipad, Water distribution network, internal plot fencing, Land levelled, compound wall, Fire station, Telecom network, 400/220/66 KV & 66 KV Auxiliary SS, Auxiliary Power Distribution Network & much more facilities !!!! making Gujarat Solar Park one of the most preferred destination in the world for the project developers to set up solar power plants. The Gujarat solar park at charanka has bagged several national & international awards / recognition among world solar arena.

Ocean of Panels at Gujarat Solar Park

An Ocean of Panels at Gujarat Solar Park

Spread across about 2024 ha {1080 ha GoG, 944 ha Pvt} area and with approx. capacity to house 500 MW, the solar park is developed mostly over the wasteland but with one of the best solar insolation / irradiation area identified in India. The solar park is expected to save around 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere and save around 900,000 tonnes of natural gas per year. More projects would be allotted to the Solar Park in near future with the much awaited announcement of eagerly anticipated Gujarat Solar Policy Phase III.

Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015

Out of the total installed solar power plants in Gujarat i.e. 820 MW+  — the Gujarat Solar Park currently is home to 16 Solar Projects with 216 MW+ of installed solar plant capacity and has emerged to be a true testing ground & laboratory for various Solar PV module technologies, Solar Inverter technologies and test of EPC execution capabilities for various stakeholders.

Below mentioned is the overview of various Solar PV Module technologies used in Gujarat Charanka Solar park projects, ratings of solar pv modules, Solar Inverter technology and their capacity details etc. for the Solar Projects installed at Gujarat Charanka Solar park.

Charanka Solar Park_Gujarat

Solar PV Modules & Inverter Technology Details of Gujarat – Charanka Solar Park Projects

Meanwhile among other solar developments in India, after various upcoming solar project policies & announcements from states like Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar & Odhisa, recently the state of Punjab has issued RFP for setting up Solar Power projects.

And as far as the development of Solar REC Projects are concerned, the annual Solar REC generation potential has crossed 1,00,000 MWh as the Accredited capacity of solar projects in India has reached 70.51 MW as of March13 !!

And for the Project Developers willing to set up solar projects under REC mechanism in Gujarat – Anticipate some fruitful movement in the Gujarat Solar REC space shortly as things have started to move in the Solar REC arena in Gujarat!

Down the line in the future not far away lies the tremendous market potential for the Solar Roof Top plants in India coupled with Decentralized Solar Products and huge market for various Solar Cookers specially Parabolic Solar Cookers & Funnel Cookers! Further couple of my upcoming blog articles would specifically focus on the Roof Top Solar Plants and Solar Food Processing Sector, Potential & developments in India.

With all this recent solar project developments and announcements in the solar arena, it seems that now the Sun rises to create solar energy dominance in the global energy system. So, Join the movement & be a part of it contributing towards arguably the biggest energy revolution the history has witnessed – “The Solarization of the World” !  😉

Till then….Cheers….


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Urvish Dave is working as a Project Consultant in the Renewable Energy Arena with an expertise and keen focus on Solar Energy Sector viz. Rural Electrification, Off-Grid Solar Projects, Grid connected, Captive power plants, Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) Mechanism etc. for various Renewable Projects in India along with market intelligence pertaining to renewable energy sector. He holds the distinction of executing numerous Solar projects during the career path including EPC projects for Rural Electrification, Solar Grid Connected Projects, Off-Grid Projects etc. For Consultation and Turnkey Solutions in Renewable Energy Projects and energy efficient product's, visit or write him at
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  2. Kanaga Gnana says:

    Thanks for the very usefull article with much information. Can You please elaborate on this “Accredited capacity of solar projects in India has reached 70.51 MW as of March13 !!” Is this the Solar PV projects compleated this year up to March 2013?

  3. Aditya Singh says:

    Thanks for providing such valuable information.
    Your articles are always very detailed and thorough.

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